577197_499447713453456_1048058794_n.jpgThe main purpose of Creative Greece  Network is to serve as a site for exchanging information on the cultural and creative industries (CCI) in Greece and open several discussions about the future of CCI in Greece.  Through the pages of the blog one can find various data and information for the economic importance of CCI in Greece (updated datasets for employment, turnover, value added, etc), for the different trends and policies for CCI at the European and global level, and many cases of good practice from creative businesses and public institutions.

The creativegreece draws some of the material presented from the book » The Cultural and Creative Industries in Greece» (in Greek) that was published in early 2014. Apart from this, Creative Greece Network aspires to gather more information in the future for the cultural and creative industries in Greece and Europe, act as partner in research programs and organize seminars and workshops. If you want to contribute with an article, a link or other information (eg, workshops, conferences , etc.) please contact at ccigreece@gmail.com

Vasilis Avdikos

Lecturer (under appointment), at the Dept. of Economic and Regional Development

Panteion University, Athens-Greece



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